3D Background Effect And Dynamic Parallax

Hello everyone. I’m trying to make this effect in my game: HERE
I searched the web for tutorials on how to do this effect in Unity but it still fails. Could someone help with an idea?

What exactly fails?

look at this tutorial first link text

The idea of parallax is to move layers slower than the camera, the closer the layer to the camera, the slower it moves, you move them in direction of the camera movement. In my example Here I have 4 planes theyr speed is the camera speed multiplied by 0.7(the closest), 0.8 and 0.9 if I remember correctly. There are hundreds of scripts for that so google it.

If what you look for is to copy the effect in 100% you need the following.

  1. Calculate mouse offset in X
  2. Create two planes move the front 1 in opposite direction than mouse (mouse offset*-1) move and multiply by some constant lets say Speed.
  3. move the back plane in the same direction as mouse, by smaller value (for instance speed/4)
  4. slightly rotate planes along up axis in funcion of mouse distance from center of the screen.