3D Character controller jittering when jumping against a small wall

Hello, I’m trying to make a fps controller using Unity’s character controller. My character can jump 1 unit high, but when jumping against a 1unit block, the vertical movement stops.

If I change the slope limit to 90, the jittering is fixed, but if the character jumps against a wall that is 1.5 units high, the character can get on top, also, i would want to have a smaller slope limit.

I’ve messed around with the settings but I can’t seem to fix it.

Is there a way to either avoid the jittering when using a smaller slope limit or a way to manually set a slope limit through code while setting the character controller slope limit to 90?

Thanks for your help

Setting the Step Offset to 0 or a very small value while Jumping fixes the problem.
According to this thread and my personal experience:

Try making a physics material with 0 friction and putting it on the wall.