3d character modeling

is 3d character modeling available in unity? if not, is there good sofware out there? and if it could be free and have turorials that would help.

Beside searching for free models on the web, you could also try some special-purpose modelling-software. The free google-sketchup is made to create buildings. Wings3D is for airplanes. The old non-free programs Poser and Bryce are specialiced on modelling humans and landscapes. They all propably have exporters for meshes - so import in unity should be no problem.

Edit: Just looked it up:
The landscape-modeller Bryce today is published by Daz3D who also sells other 3D-special-purpose-software, like a city-generator. The inventor of Bryce became a bit popular in the 90s and was on television several times because of his smart and creative software. Several design-programs were published by his company, all with his name in title. Today they don’t do graphics at all: After renaming, they specialized in marketing technology.

However, Poser is propably close to what you were looking for. It was one of his later programs and today is owned by a company, called smithmicro. Unfortunately it costs about 500 bucks. However, there is a 30-day-shareware on the website as well as a light-version for 50 Dollar.

I just notice that there is a free character-modeller called daz-studio on the daz3D-website, but it looks as if it only creates Jpegs. If it has a mesh-export-function, then I just found what you were looking for. If you should try it please post a resumee here.

Wikipedia can help too:

Edit2: DazStudio does have an exporter! With plenty of supported formats! See this link to the manual - chapter export. Blender, Bryce, 3DMax, Lightwave, Maya, Silo, Modo, Poser, Carara…all no problem. On the purchase-page, they say it ususally costs 50$ but is for free at the moment.

I found something: MakeHuman, an open-source character-modeler, exporting to .obj-files. They also invented a new MHX-format, for usage in blender.

“It allows a fully rigged and textured character with shapekeys to be imported into Blender by the custom MHX importer”, says the website.

alt text

The screenshot shows only one of nine setting-tabs to regulate details.

The program is still in alpha-stage though. This video shows the program with an export to blender:

Should also work with unity, I think.

Found new modeling-freeware worse a look:

  • Autodesk 123D - Open-Beta
    freeware with support for 3d-printing
    and sculpt-modelling. Exports to STL-files. It is basically a CAD-program, simplified for easy usage like Google-Sketchup. A quick introduction is available on 3. screenshot 123d Conversion to laser-cutting-model

  • Truespace - An old discontinued freeware with easy to use interface. Offers NURBS, subdivision-surface- and polygon-modelling. Also supported is blender-import, scripting with Python, VBScript and Javascript. Games can be written this way as well. It was bought by Microsoft, turned into freeware and finally discontinued in 2009. Download is still possible. Also the website with introduction, tour, tutorials, free models and plugins is still online.

alt text Truescpace-screenshot

  • MarbleClay is a japanese freeware for polygon-modeling. It is limited to 1000 Polygons per object. For more a registration is neccesary. The software is in beta-phase at the moment.

    alt text alt text

  • Art of illusion - an open-source java-modeler focussed on a simple interface. The third screenshot shows the procedual-texture editor. “By ‘wiring together’ blocks which represent different patterns or mathematical functions, you can construct complex procedures in just minutes” is emphasized on the homepage. Subdivision-surface- and sculpt-modeling are implemented in an own object-mode (screenshot 2).

    alt text alt text alt text

  • Anim8or - a tool for nothing else but animation (very useful for unity). Youtube-Example is here. It also supports basic mesh-modeling, e.g. to create game-characters. Exports to 3ds-files (3D Studio).

alt text alt text

Edit: Removed 3D Crafter from this list due to it’s disability to export meshes.

Free 3D-software is rare and therefore well known:

Blender, Wings3D, K3D, Google-Sketchup and two or three I just forgot. Also there was a limited study-version of 3D-studio for free, called Gmax - but it’s discontinued meanwhile.

For the 2-3 I just forgot: Google is your friend.

Blender is a solid free choice, though it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Some low cost options (well, in relation to the high cost options) are Hexagon or Silo.

Some mid range options are ZBrush or Carrara.

Higher priced options are Maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave, or Modo

For free 3D model “Blender” will be the best option. i found a human picture in blender. How can i take a 3D print of it. currently am using 3D printing with ABS filament of 3dpartistry. Is this enough for taking a clear print or anything more i need?