3D combat in Unity 2017

My thesis involves making a 3rd person Action Adventure Hack and Slash game. Been developing the game in Unity for almost a year now, and it’s been a pain, especially collision detection, character controller, AI, and animation. Using StateMachineBehaviours is wonky sometimes as well. I had to use underhanded solutions to get my desired behavior that is not even as accurate as I want it to be. Is Unity really bad with Kingdom Hearts/Devil May Cry-esque combat, or am I just missing something? Not to rile up competition but is UE4 better for this considering Kingdom Hearts 3 and Tekken 7 used UE4?

Thanks in advance!

Personally, I’ve used UE4 a lot before, and it is easier to make games such as FPS, parkour, and similar games to what you’ve mentioned. It provides the necessary character assets in order to do so with minimum effort in comparison to Unity. But, then again, that’s up to you and both game engines are good.

Oh Unity… how cruel are you gonna be…

if you need fast-paced and accurate collision detections, just enable “Interpolation” on rigidbody
here an SS for you :

if this one still does not solve your problem. just decrease your physics time steps by
Edit>Project Settings>Time>Fixed Timestep
it should be “0.02” change it to “0.01” .
here an SS too : 114542-capture.png

if this one does not solve your problem too, then you are doing something else wrong too. I have seen fast-paced games made with unity, it is totally capable.