3D Earth - 32K Resolution


I’m working on a new project - 3D Earth.

I have a textures with 32K resolution of the earth, i really need this high resolution so the user can zoom in earth.
Unity does not allow me to import textures with more than 4096 pixels.

What should i do?
I tried to split the textures to eight 4K, but i didn’t figure out how to use spliced textures.


You can create meshes that represents segments of the sphere and apply one texture to each segment. If the app is not for mobile, you might also try loading the entire image using the WWW class. Awhile back I was working on spherical panoramas and was surprised when images larger than 4K on a side would load using the WWW class (Windows and the Mac). I don’t know if this is supported behavior on Windows and Mac, but I do know that these larger images would not load in iOS.