3D Environmental Design Advice

Hello Unity Community. I’m a environmental artist(not professional one). I want to start working right. I want to ask my fellow 3D artists. I’m looking on a scene from a AAA game, like this:

Then, i decide that is gonna be good exercise for me to create it. The problem is: i have no idea what is the working pattern on these things … Should i create the roads first? Should i create the bridge first? How can i know if the scale is right? Should i start from somewhere like the house on the left and then create the surrounding items?

Are there any professional artists to give any good advice on how to manage big scenes like this?

Thank you so much for your time! I’ll really appreciate any answers!

Start with “White-boxing” your map (creating the environment with very simple boxes and shapes to make it really quick), start play testing it then when everything feels the way you like you move on to detailing each environment piece.

Here are some useful links :



I hope that helps ! good luck !