[3D Game Kit]Change animations from generic to humanoid

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to change Ellen’s animations from generic to humanoid (so I can retarget her model). The problem is that after applying the change Ellen falls through the floor with half of her body and animations no longer work: she just moves in a t-pose.

What I did was:

  • Ellen’s model import settings - changed animation type to humanoid.
  • All animations - changed type to humanoid, avatar source EllenAvatar.

I’m using 3D Game Kit and Unity version 2019.3.10f1.

Does anyone have an idea on this? I watched this youtube video step by step and I get the same problem, even though it works for him.

Hey, @EmanuelPop did you find out how to do it?

Hey, @EmanuelPop did you find out how to do it?

I think there are a few things at play here. It seems like your animations are not being properly recognized. If you can move around that’s great news. To try and fix the animation issue I would try to do a test by importing new animations and connect those animations to the player controller. There are a few different ways to do this, but that’s what we did to get this look:


This video might be useful, shows Ellen retargeting – Unity 3D Game Kit Tutorial - Character Retargeting - YouTube