3d GameObject anchored to the new UI canvas

I’m trying out the new UI system (unity 4.6 beta 17) and so far it’s great!

I’m trying to create a HUD, that scales to different screen sizes, which is very easy in the new system. However I want to place a 3D-model (rotating weapon) as part of the HUD, anchored to the upperright corner using the rect transform-anchoring.

Unity seems to get unstable, when I mix the rect transform and 3D-renderer… Maybe because beta, maybe because I’m doing it wrong.

Anyways, is it possible to do what I want to achieve in some way? Any hints are very welcome :slight_smile:

Create a second canvas and make the render mode WorldSpace. Now you can use 3D models.

Just create a regular UI canvas and add your 3D object inside.

Hierarchy View:

+ Canvas (Rect Transform, Canvas)
    + Panel (Rect Transform)                  -> this is the anchor
          3D Object (Regular Transform)       -> your 3D gameObject