3d GUI mesh ?

Hi all,

Can I bring 3d mesh to GUI ?

Thanks for help.

Yes, you can set up a separate camera to render your 3d mesh and then push that camera into a render texture. Once you have the render texture you can use it like any other image asset in unity (including GUITexture.)

You’ll want to tighten down the culling on your camera to something like near; 1f, far; 2f and put your 3d mesh between those two distances from the camera (you’ll see a preview box in the editor when you select the camera.)

Good luck!

I simply used a second orthonormal camera with no clear flags and a higher priority, rendering only a particular layer (using culling mask).
To cope with aspect ratio, I used Camera.ScreenToWorldPoint to place my meshes at the desired position on the screen, updating them on Screen.Width or Height changes.