3d healthbar help

I’m just curious if a 3D floating health bar in unity is possible?
I’m truing to make an mmorpg and I cannot find anything to help me on the internet. If anyone has any tips or useful links it would be most appreciated!:smiley:

It is definitely possible.

One of the many ways you could do it is have an animation of the 3D model for the health bar to show changes in health. So say frame 100 of animation is when health is at 100 and at frame 50 health is at 50 and so on and so fourth.

Once you have created the 3D model and animation you can put the object as a child of the player and move it to the place where you want it to be. After you have done that create a script that will rotate the health bar to always face the camera so the user can see it.

All done! My tip for you would to be just start trying, and when you get a specific problem then go find the answer. Don’t try to bite off more that you can chew though!