3D Isometric Camera rotate around player and follow


I have an Orthographic camera with the rotation angle of 30, 45, 0
so far so good.

1 issue, Rotation;
Specifically want the camera to rotate 90 degrees around the player(Smooth or not smooth dont care atm). so that would mean that there are 4 possible angles:

  • rotation (30, 45, 0)
  • rotation (30,135, 0)
  • rotation (30, 225, 0)
  • rotation (30, 315, 0)

A reference to this i can only remember a game like the old Stronghold RTS or maybe Diablo 2.

2 issue, Follow; I want the camera to always have the player at the center of the screen

Good day.
Its very simple!

First, camera position ust be the llYer position + offset vector. When want to rotate, simlly change that offset vector.

Then only need to use LookAt() function to make the camera always look at the player!

For smooth rotation, make the offset vector change over time. Byeee