3d mesh glitch in particle system (mesh reduction when sizing down to 0)

Hi There,
I have a problem on some Android devices with the particle system rendering (weirdly enough the problem seems to pop up on devices with higher capabilities). The problem occur when the mesh based particles (Renderer/Renderer Mode/Mesh) are being rendered. It seems like the meshes that are being spewed out and slowly shrunk with time are being reduced (“reverse-tessellated”) which results in a nasty visual effect. Can anyone knows what might’ve be the cause of this?

UPDATE 1: Also one thing that I’ve noticed is that with time (the longer the gameplay) this problem is getting worse.

UPDATE 2: What I’ve tried is to make one particle system bigger (x5) in order to check if it will have any effect on it’s rasterization. Normally the particles are sized down from 1 to 0 based on their life. What I’ve noticed after sizing it up is that the problem does not happen anymore. Currently it would be a heck of a job sizing up everything within the game world, so I was wondering if there is any other way to fix the issue. Any help is highly appreciated!