3D Mesh is broken thanks to normal map

Hallo guys,

I’ve asked this question once before but I didn’t got a lot of help out of it… So lets try it again!!


I’m working on a game (Duhh…) and I got a problem with making a normal map.
The model is made in Cinema4D and we’ve used “headus UVLayout” so there would be no edges seen.

Now I created a normalmap of this baked texture using a plug-in in Adobe Photoshop. After adding the normalmap to the material the edges where shown (see picture below).

We tried to create a normal map using Cinama4D, Same problem.

I tried to remove the edges of the normalmap so you could see only the surface. After 4hours work for a little bit of the texture, guess what? It didn’t work aswell.


How do I make a normal map for my model so everything looks smooth (without those ugly lines (see picture))??

alt text

Ps. Sorry for my bad english or grammar mistakes…

I’m afraid your normal mapping texture is not tileable. I mean, borders do not match with each other. The line you can see happens where one border meets the other. I would try with a tileable texture, you can read about creating seamless textures here, or you have a video here.