3d mobile game (android) optimization !

Hello world!
I have a problem with building a smooth 3d mobile game i tried everything but the game stay on 33 fps as average… Also i created a new project with an empty scene which have a plane with a 3d player controller after adjusting all settings ==> the frame rate in a mobile average is 30 … I need optimization tips plz help

Difficult to answer such a general question… but here goes… some devices just run at 30fps, so first off, try to get a couple of different android devices. maybe from ebay, some newer, some older.
Make sure you are building with all your logs disabled… logs are slow…
make a build rendering nothing, check your fps for that. ( not… don’t show your fps via logs to debug .log , show it on screen as a number )
Read some unity optimization docs online, and in the unity documentation.
e.g. here. and here. personal tip :- over-draw view in scene view window is your friend on mobile. over-draw is when the graphics needs to draw on top of itself many times in one frame, basically wasting its time rendering things that are not seen. Plan accordingly… ! Just say to yourself… my device may only be able to render 1 to 1.5 screen’s worth of pixels per frame, ( it may be more or less depending on hardware) then you’ll see what I mean.