3d model become flat

i want to ask about my 3D model. i create 3D model from blender, and i export it in fbx format. then i import it to my unity project, but when i drag it to my scene i got my 3D model flat. can you help me what should i do?

this the 3d model before i add animation, and i export to obj format

and this 3d model, after i add animation (in blender), then export it to fbx format

can anyone help me?

You should probably ask on a Blender forum, not a Unity forum, but I can tell you what’s wrong- you need to freeze transformations. It looks like your whole model is made of grouped non-uniformly scaled primitives. To import into Unity effectively, you want your model to be a single combined mesh with (1.0,1.0,1.0) scaling.