3D model characters and unity

Hi this may be a very simple question, even n00bish, but I never made any 3D games before so I’m not sure how it works.

I made a 3D room with tables and chairs in google Sketchup. My next step is making some 3D characters in 3DS max now. (For first time in my life)

The idea is to have those chars walk around the room and sit on the chairs, or be sitting on a chair from the start.

What I want to know is that when I’ve made my characters in 3DS max and animated them, should I also have them sit on the chairs I made in Sketchup in 3DS max or is that something I do in Unity?

Oh and if anyone got tutorials/guides on making and placing 3D characters to show how it’s done, it would be great too. Vids >>> text.


It can’t be right people haven’t played with 3D chars and NPC in unity…