3D model doesn't render unless I look at it in scene view.

Hi all,

I have a 3D Model that I’ve imported into my game, and it has a built in animation. The animation works just fine, except for a couple of certain circumstances. The first is whenever I instantiate the model from a prefab. The second is whenever I start with the animator disabled and enable it during runtime via script.

In both of these circumstances, the model doesn’t render AT ALL. However, if I pause the game, go into the scene view, I can see it perfectly fine, as if it had been visible and animating the whole time. Then, when I go back to the game view, or unpause the game, it ALSO shows up perfectly. Alternatively, it works if I have the scene view and game view running at the same time, but only if I can see the model in the scene view. It does not work in a build.

The only time this bug doesn’t happen is if I put it in the game from the start (not as a prefab) with the animator already turned on.

Has anyone run into anything like this before?


One way to make progress on debugging might be to put one instance of the object into the game from the start, then instantiate in another during runtime. Then, you can hit pause. If (as you say) the first object is visible and the second is not, you can look through each of those objects to try and figure out what the difference is.