3d model for game? Where can I find?

I’m working on a fantasy game, I’m a programer, not an artist, so 3d modeling is pretty hard for me. I spent the last 4 or more days for searching for models…
I need several characters (ex: knight, archer, assassin, mage) with the same “style”.

I found the Daz3D, which would be nice. The main problem is, that the models are very high res, and as I read it’s not too good for games.
Btw, there is an option for 500 usd (decimator), but because my project is a kind of hobby yet, I can’t afford that much for the plugin. :frowning:

I would be happy with Daz3d, if i could decimate without the decimator… :smiley:

I’m looking forward to any advice, idea or help!

Ps: sorry for my english, this is one of the lots of thing, what I should improve :smiley:

In Unity-Editor, press Ctrl-9 and start searching. The Asset store has gigabytes of affordable 3D-models, some of them even free-of-charge.

www.TF3DM.com - 3D Models for free

The best two sources I’ve found for models are TurboSquid and SketchUp’s 3d Warehouse.

TurboSquid has generally very high quality models, in a variety of formats, and they can be pricey (some are more than $100).

3D warehouse only stocks models in native *.skp format, however, if you can find an old version of SketchUp 8.x to download, it includes a free SKP > FBX converter. With some tweaking and adjusting of materials and lighting, most of these models come into Unity quite nicely.