3D model Information

How to add effect of 3d model make in any tool to Unity. Like Metallic , Transparent , Lights , modiufiers etc assign in Modeling tool.
As far as my knowledge is one should make texture with these properties and assign texture to model in Unity.
But as i m new to 3D model i want to know best way. Should i assign Shaders to them in unity or some thing else.
And what is the best way to learn 3D modeling for game development should i start a online course or some local person will be best or as i am a developer i should leave it to some graphic person

First you modeling 3d mesh, than you creating UV for it, than you drawing texture on UV (or baking), than you creating material(or materials) and assign it to 3D model.
In best way team divided by programmers, modellers, etc., so if you a programmers you should not take care of modeling really much, but if you are first started indi. dev. you should look to free soft which supports 3D modeling.
For e.g. I am using Blender, for creating primitive models(my modeling skills suck), but it can be used for serious modeling.
Download - https://www.blender.org
How to import models - Importing Blender Models into Unity - YouTube (But better to export your model to popular formats e.g. .obj, .3ds, because you should now how it works, every modeler use unique soft and you can’t know which one, so you should the way, how to import models to your game from all supported formats.)
Also… There are dozens of free 3D models, not the best way for developing, but for training or creating first view of the game is ok, why? Because it damn free and save your time :slight_smile: Just google “Free 3D models”.