3D model is not loading from url

I’m developing vufori + unity app. I have json values in server and url contains 3D model…I’m fetching the url and assigning to load 3D. But the 3D is not getting. I’m using AssetBundle to load url.

// Here we handle a cloud target recognition event
public void OnNewSearchResult(TargetFinder.TargetSearchResult targetSearchResult) {
    // do something with the target metadata
    mTargetMetadata = targetSearchResult.MetaData;
		JSONObject json = JSONObject.Parse(mTargetMetadata);
		string type=json.GetString("type");
		 Debug.Log("url value is " + url );
    // stop the target finder (i.e. stop scanning the cloud)
    mCloudRecoBehaviour.CloudRecoEnabled = false;
		mShowGUIButton = true;
		  GameObject newImageTarget = Instantiate(ImageTargetTemplate.gameObject) as GameObject;
        GameObject augmentation = null;
        if( augmentation != null )
            augmentation.transform.parent = newImageTarget.transform;
        // enable the new result with the same ImageTargetBehaviour:
      //  ImageTargetBehaviour imageTargetBehaviour = mImageTracker.TargetFinder.EnableTracking(targetSearchResult, newImageTarget);
        Debug.Log("Metadata value is " + url );
		// Build augmentation based on target
if (ImageTargetTemplate) {
    // enable the new result with the same ImageTargetBehaviour:
    ImageTracker tracker = TrackerManager.Instance.GetTracker<ImageTracker>();
    ImageTargetBehaviour imageTargetBehaviour = 
            targetSearchResult, ImageTargetTemplate.gameObject);
	 // str=modelName;
 using (WWW www = new WWW(url)) {
     AssetBundle bundle = www.assetBundle;
 g=Instantiate(bundle.mainAsset,new Vector3(0,0,0),Quaternion.identity) as GameObject;
  g.transform.localScale=new Vector3(0.136500f,0.136500f,0.136500f);

  IEnumerator GetAssetBundle ()
www = new WWW(url);
yield return www;
Debug.Log("The last BundleURL " + url );
AssetBundleRequest request = www.assetBundle.LoadAsync("modelipad", typeof(GameObject));
yield return request;
Instantiate(request.asset, new Vector3(0f, 0f, 0f), Quaternion.identity);
//Put the stream model under the image target
GameObject ImageTargetUsed = GameObject.Find("ImageTarget");
         GameObject ModelIpadClone = GameObject.Find("modelipad(Clone)");
         ModelIpadClone.transform.parent = ImageTargetUsed.transform;

@karthees could you make it???

First, you should debug your code to know what exactly happens and where is the problem.

Use UnityWebRequest instead of WWW (it is deprecated)