3D model of a house

HI! I'm kinda new to Unity game making, and I dont know where you guys get you 3d models from, so I want to ask if you have an Idea where to get a simple 3d house model for free? I searched a lot, and only found 2 houses. The one didn't have colors and the other is made of 1500 parts, and its hard to make colliders for it.

Hope you can link me a good page for it :)


look at google warehouse models, there are tons of houses, buildings.

google sketchup house models

But you will definitly need to edit them in your favorite 3d modeler after having exported the house form sketchup. Else, for models more suitable, you can look at turbosquid, but you'll need to pay for them models. Some are ready or more suitable for real time engines.

turbosquid house models

but in all cases, it's unavoidable that some post processing will need to be done on your house before you can use it properly in unity. This is true until some proper unity ready models start selling on unity asset ( in unity, click "asset store" in the "window" menu) store or elsewhere.

Hope it helps,