3d-model/primitive object shaking in Holoens


I am trying to anchor a 3d-model/primitive objects using Unity3d MRT into HoloLens device. When i place this object at any position in physical environment and after setting it to any coordinate, its corner's surfaces are not anchored, they seem to be shaking while i come closer to the model. Please refer this video link that has same issue (


Please let me know how to fix it. Any suggestion or guidance will be a big help.

Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately this is mostly how the hololens is. It cant handle areas it has not mapped well, it also cannot handle areas that dont have any definable points such as lines on walls, objects on tables etc.

We find that when placing a hologram in a room with with say white or cream walls, it will get confused sometimes about where it is. Not much will change this.

If you are not attaching a world anchor, you need to do this. You also need to check your depth buffer and maybe set to 24bit. But ultimately, you will see hologram drift and sometimes jitter even in 60fps apps, and store apps. Its very annoying.

Keeping your app at 60fps, using world anchors and having a suitable environment with lots of feature points will help, but not completely eliminate, this problem.