3D Model transfer from Skanect to Unity

Hi Folks,

I think the thing I want to do can to be that difficult… :confused: but I wasn’t succesfull jet. I’m a absolute newbie in all that 3D stuff and I hope somebody can help me.

I scanned my body with the software “skanect” and the kinect -cam and now I tryed to open it in unity. But the bodyscan loses it’s color when I open it in unity. I was searching in a lot of forums about unity, skanect & co. but I wasn’t succesfull jet (I also tryed the filter “vertex color to texture” in meslab but than unity couldn’t read the file anymore).

All I need is maybe simple manual how to open a scanned 3D model from Skanect into unity, without losing it’s colors (Later I would like to scann a room via Skanect and and make 3D objekts and my body floating in that room).

For example:

  • What filetype should I use?
  • Should I postprocess my 3D scan in a programm before open it in unity (for example meshlab)?
  • What processes should I do in postprocessing and is there a special folder where I should save my files?

Thank you very much in advance,

Best regards,

nobody :((

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