3D modeling software

what the best but not that expensive 3d modeling software that goes with Unity?

Blender ( http://www.blender.org/ ) is a great open source modeling software with a huge user base.

If you are on the OS/X platform, you can also take a look at Cheetah 3d ( http://www.cheetah3d.com/ ), with one of the most user-friendly interfaces to a 3D modeling programs I have seen so far.

Both programs is well supported by Unity.

i want to tell you 3DS max all my artists tell me its really easy bringing stuff from there into unity and they love the program

though i guess that doesnt answer your question

Modelling Inside Unity Comes To Life
check out www.gamedraw3d.com by mixeddimensions
- YouTube

Hi, a long time ago I answered a similar question, it may help you to decide what is the best option for you:

3D Max, blender or Maya?

Also check out Cheetah 3D, its a simple modeling and animation program and its cheap, compared to others.