3D moles in customization

Ok, Bunny83 said me, that I should create a new question. Ok, here is it. I need help with character customization models. How can I do in customization changing mount, eyes, nose, and hairs, maybe skin collor and hair collor. Maybe I can do somethink, but I rather ask before start making. If someone have experience with this, help please. And Im using 3Ds max 2013…


What I’ve done is basically this:

  • Taken a basic model
  • added some clothes parented to the model. This can be tricky to do as you have to work through intersections on the models.
  • The clothes have no textures - see below. I use three basic shirts, 3 trousers/shorts, a dress etc.
  • Take the model into Unity.
  • Add a mixamo rig, with all of the clothing on, overlapping etc.
  • Parent mounting points to the skeleton in the rig for things the character will carry
  • Import animations separately and group them into the root,
  • Create a clothing class that knows which sub meshes to turn on and off for each piece of clothing - I then use these in categories for upper body, arms, lower body, feet. I also consider the body and the hair as clothing - this let’s me make black, white and Asian characters.
  • The clothing class contains a colour to set the mesh material to and an optional texture.
  • Create a whole load of settings in each of these categories e.g. Hawaian shirt, black dress shirt, blue jeans, chinos etc, by creating instances of the clothing class.
  • Store the collection of selected classes as an outfit.
  • Dress the character by playing the relevant clothing classes against the model.
  • Allow the player to select a different item in each category - I use a dressing room with a mirror.
  • Parent carried items to the carry points added to the model