3D object in uGUI

Is there a way to display a 3D gameobject in the new 4.6 uGUI? I know you could do it in nGUI, and i am trying to convert my nGUI setup over to uGUI.

Surprisingly I tried as @BoredMormon suspected and did a setup in 5 minutes. And found out that you can actually add other 3D game objects as the child of a Canvas.

And you can even position them in relation to camera by adding a RectTransform component to that 3D game object.

Unfortunately not. For the moment, you’ll have to tie in your 3D game objects into the rest of your GUI with custom scripts.

EDIT: Looks like I was mistaken :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the responses but I managed to solve the problem. I created my own GUI Camera off to the side and set the Canvas relation to Screen Space - Camera. I was able to mess with the render depth of the objects from there on and get the object to render over the GUI background.