3D objects appear behind 2D on mobile, but in correct order in editor

Hello and thanks in advance!

I have a game with both 2D and 3D elements in it. I have used the Z axis to stagger them so that they appear in a certain order in my orthographic camera. Everything appears correctly when I play the game in the editor, but when I load it on my Android device the 3D objects (the characters) appear behind all the other 2D elements (UI and scene).

Also this was working correctly until recently… I haven’t upgrade anything so I’m hoping it’s just a setting I accidentally set somewhere.



Thanks for all the great suggestions everyone. I tried them all, but the problem still persists.
My guess is that the issue is somehow related to quality or graphics settings for Android. Like I mentioned the sorting works exactly as expected when I run the game within Unity. It’s only when I install it on the Android device that it behaves differently.
I’m still pursuing a possible solution, but if anybody else has any ideas please let me know, thanks!