3d platformer tutorial: Coppers won't move

Ok, so I just got to the part where you give the Coppers the ability to move and attack when you get too close. Everything is working fine, except that they won’t actually move. All of the animations are working correctly, and if I get too close I take damage when they attack. But they will not move, or will move only like .1. Why is this? I’m pretty sure that I added the script correctly, seeing as to how the animations and damage are working correctly.

Edit: Ok, it looks like that the animations aren’t working correctly either. Its only playing the threaten and idle animations. I still have no idea why though.

Without seeing your code, I can only assume that you’re missing a state in your state machine. I’ve never done the tutorial, so I can’t say with certainty- but I’m sure they’re using some sort of FSM.

It could also be that you’re missing a trigger that’s supposed to initiate your state.

I dunno, maybe somebody who’s done the tutorial can chime in… figured I’d post my theories in case they help :wink:

I know this question is old but this might help someone else.

I had the same problem but solved it by making sure the character controller on the robot was smaller than the robot body. You can start the capsule collider from the ground, but you have to make sure it reaches up to a maximum just below the head.

It might be that it pushes against the helmet box, inducing a collision, so you could try removing the box as well.