3D player and 2D floor. I have collider problem.

139480-sorun.pngCannot find 3D collider for this floor. I cannot use 2D collider because my player is 3D player. When i put 2D collider, my player is falling. What should i do for it ?

Unfortunately you cannot use the 3D physics engine with the 2D physics engine, they are completely incompatible. But why can you not apply the 2D collider to your 3D object. I am currently working on a game with nothing but 3D models and all of them have 2D colliders and everything works fine. It looks like the ball is the player, correct?? So first set the ball rotation to (0,0,0) in the inspector and just put a 2D circle collider on it and it should work just fine.

Thank you dude