3d Radar is it possible?

is there anyway to make a 3d radar? If so is there some documentation or somthing? it would be appriciated.


'Is it possible' is almost always the wrong question to ask ;) With few exceptions, any (reasonable) thing you can think of is possible, as long as you know how to implement it.

(Granted, if by '3-d radar' you mean a fully holographic radar visual floating three feet in front of the computer screen, well, that's probably not possible at this time. But, I'm guessing that's not what you're asking about.)

As for your question, '3-d radar' is a little vague. What do you mean exactly? Can you describe what you're looking for in more detail, or perhaps post an example screenshot showing what you mean? (You can edit your post to include more info and then comment this answer indicating that your original post has been changed.)

This could be something your looking for…
hope its not too late lol :wink: