3D RenderTextures with Depth Not Supported (worked in <=2017.1, broken 2018+)

I’m working on migrating a 2017.1 project to 2019.1.0b6 and noticed that I’m getting errors when trying to create a 3D render texture. This code works fine in 2017 but doesn’t in 2018 or 2019 because of the following error:

RenderTexture.Create failed: 3D textures with depth are not supported.

Is there a reason this capability was removed?

    RenderTexture render = new RenderTexture((int)(texArray.width*scaling), (int)(texArray.height*scaling), (int)(texArray.depth * scaling), RenderTextureFormat.ARGBFloat);
    render.useMipMap = true;
    render.dimension = UnityEngine.Rendering.TextureDimension.Tex3D;
    render.filterMode = FilterMode.Point;
    //render.volumeDepth = (int)(texArray.depth*scaling);
    render.enableRandomWrite = true;

Ok, forum helped me,

It’s a terminology error, depth is not volumeDepth, so in RenderTexture constructor use two dimension and depth 0 (depth buffer, is not volumeDepth/slice)

RenderTexture render = new RenderTexture(128,128,0); render.volumeDepth=128; //use for volume

Thanks grizzly from unity forum.