3D Sound Basics

Hello Guys.

I have a 3D sound on a security camera, playing on a loop on awake. I only want to be able to hear this sound when you are in a certain range of this (this can’t be done by changing the volume/pausing/playing in script because Flash Export does not support these features. The issue i am having is that you can constantly hear the sound no matter what your distance is. This doesn’t seem to change when i change the max/min distances. I know next to nothing about sound in Unity. So a detailed response would be great. I have read the documentation on sound however this hasn’t helped me.

Cheers in advance.

You should set up the min and max value.
And select a rolloff.
When you will be at 500 “meters” you will hear nothing.

The above is correct but you also in my case need to turn the dopler level to 0