3D sound pan is flipped

Basically sounds to the right of the player are louder in the left speaker and vice versa. How do I correct this. The sounds still get louder when approached correctly.

I have tried both headphones and speakers, both setup correctly and tested for right and left channels.

sorry for my bad english

i know the question is out of date but , i m in the same issue now and found this message on google , so …

i resolve the paning inverted audio like that :

  1. disable the AudioListener from your cam
  2. as a child of your cam set a empty GameObject with a AudioListener component
  3. rotate this GameObject 180 degres on Y axis

the audio paning is now inverted from the cam

In 3D Sound Settings, make sure you have “spread” = 0

I would recommend checking the 3d rotation of your GameObject. Perhaps it is rotated 180 degrees, which could flip the directionality of the audio source while maintaining the forward/backward directionality.

I fixed it just setting “spread” at max value (360) in 3d sound settings of the audio source

I had the same problem, the stereo was reversed in WebGL. So I made an exception that rotates the GameObject with the AudioListener around the Y axis by 180° and the problem is gone.