3d space heading/volocity direction prediction and mp/s hud,code?

I need help and I can’t find it enyware on yt but I’m looking for a vary specific set up so that’s probably y. speed readers ready bold

So what i want is my hud to show a dot and that dot points in the direction the ship is moving currently.
when the dot is on the other side of the ship thare should be a arrow on the edge of the screen

Above that dot I need the speed preferably Mp/s

I also need help setting the hud up because this seems like its Gona be complicated

I don’t expect enyone to awnser it exactly how I asked it it is just a ideal but if someone does I’d be amazed. All and everything will help

The speed being above the dot is optional

Also it would be nice if everything’s stayed 1 inch away from edge of screen

Thanks I check daily so if u have questions Il try my best to awnser

Loaded question. Go hire somebody, and get ready to pay them.