3d Space Movement

Hi! I am trying to get in to making a game in unity 3d and have almost no experience at all. I want to have space ship movement and camera following like in a game called everspace. I want the movement controlled by mouse with pitch and yaw and speed controlled by wasd. EVERSPACE - DANGER ZONE - Part 1 Let's Play EVERSPACE - YouTube

This link shows the way the ship and camera move. Does anyone know of any tutorials that would help me learn how to do this? Or would anyone be willing to help me? Or does anyone know of an asset I can get? I would even pay for some help. Thanks for any and all responses.


Check out the Standard Assets vehicles.

And Rigidbody.Addforce

Look into adding forces and torque.
Thrust- Add forward force and limit it.
tilting with torque and whatnot.