3D sprite isn't facing the right direction

I have 2 issues, first is the enemies are way darker than they should look, second is they’re turned around. For the lighting issue the only fix I can find is adding a spot light on the prefab but then it gets weird looking and light is changing as you kill them or as they spawn and everything. The second issue, I have changed the direction of this monster in everyway and it stays the same, like that… up side down and sideways and it still comes out like that, when I changed the material to just the 2d image and you rotate the monster it stays backwards with very slight changes as I rotate it in every direction. Here are some images.

What it’s supposed to look like <-|-> What it looks like

I ended up adding a script to the monster to just rotate it 180 degrees, this worked, I found out the animation for it was set to turn the other way, and it was from the asset store and set to read only, so i couldn’t edit the animation, and the lighting… well I just happened to forget to add a spot light to the scene.