3d studio max export to Unity

I'm trying to export a model from 3ds to Unity as a FBX. From what I was reading, the postion information of the model would be saved so that the model has the same x,y,z in max and unity. I have changed the scale value to meters, but that's all I really see that can be changed in the export options. Am I reading something wrong?

select a plane in 3dsmax,right click then Convert to editable mesh and save.now export.

The only other FBX Export option that may affect rotation (not position) is the "Up Vector" setting. You should set this to "Y-Up", since that's the coordinate system Unity uses. I believe the default is Z-Up, so you probably need to explicitly set this option.

I have a problem as well... I made a model from a plane in 3ds max, but when I export it to Unity(when I drag and drop it on the scene) It's not there:/ When i click it it's "not textured supported. I searched in the net and found that unity only supports meshes and some other stuff, but no planes. How can I turn the plane into a mesh to export it to unity???