3D Studio Max Import Pipeline on Mac / iPhone

I can't seem to figure out the process of importing/using a .max file in Unity after scrubbing the forums.

My setup is a virtualized Windows 7 on a iMac running 3Ds Max 2010.

I've can export to .fbx from 3ds but I understand you can just place the .max in the assets folder. A .max file just looks like a document file or something in unity at the moment.

I understand there is a .fbx converter, I downloaded one from autodesk for the mac but it looks like a standalone converter.

Question is what is the BEST way of setting up a pipeline for creating my 3ds files and importing them into Unity3d (mac/iphone version) so that my textures, etc. are intact.

If there is a certain folder structure for textures or settings in 3ds please mention that also.

domo arigato!

Importing Max files "natively" requires Max to be running on the same computer (and OS) as Unity is, since Unity launches Max in the background and makes it export to .fbx. So that's not going to happen with Unity iPhone, and exporting .fbx manually from Max is the best workflow.