3D text follow the main-camera

I have a 3D text.and I want to rotate around it with main-camera and I want that 3D text follow the main-camera So that each side I look at it, I have the same view.

Attach a script to the text that does something like:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class TextFollower : MonoBehaviour {

    public Camera CameraToFollow;
    public float DistanceFromCamera;

    void Update() {
        transform.position = CameraToFollow.transform.position + CameraToFollow.transform.forward * DistanceFromCamera;            

It should be pretty easy to follow but in case it’s not, look up some visualizations on vector math.


All these methods are similar to this code and do not helpfull for me

var target:Transform;

function Update ()




Check out this tutorial on Unity Gems which covers making 3D text follow the camera.