3D Text font issue

Hey guys,

I’m having a bit of a problem with my 3D Text.
I created it, and it was all fine, but when i changed the font, it has gone completely wierd. You can only see parts of the letters, and it’s all squished up, and i can’t figure out how to fix it… :frowning:



Almost certainly this problem.

Broken link.

I have made five unity game projects with custom fonts. Every single project the font mapping is completely screwed up and I have to spend a solid day in Google and Unity forums trying to find the obscure fix to this, knowing as soon as I start a new game project it will all be broken again (you can’t save and import fonts as assets it’s all broken on load) and I will waste another day doing this again.

This is game five, and, once again, custom fonts are all a scrambled mess and I, once again, can’t find that one field with the one thing that has to be changed to fix it buried amongst 10,000 options that don’t do that. So here’s me, once again, trying to fix it.

Every single time I get to the point in a game where having words in the game is required, I seriously consider using a different engine. Of all the obscure little broken things in Unity you have to learn to use it consistently, this is the one my rage reflex hasn’t gotten over in years.

I hate this.

Please provide link to solution.