3d Text Question

I hope i can explain this well enough, I created a cube in my scene and put a 3d text to look like it was written on the cube, I then made the cube the parent of the Text so I could move it in my scene if I needed to but when I move the cube the text moves out of the area on the cube I want it to stay on. Is there any way to make the text move with the cube or will it always move out of place?

Here is a image to show what I’m talking about:

The text is not actually moving out of the cube. The text is probably offset to much so it is slightly inside the cube and because 3D Text is always visible in the sceneview you see the text through the side of the cube. Moving the text to the front of the cube so it is not inside it but just slightly in front (look at it from different angles to make sure) should solve the issue. Also check in the gameview how it looks as the Text is drawn in normal depth there.

Thank you for pointing that out, I had the text inside the cube on accident but its fixed now.