3d text x normals.

Hello there. I have a problem, the collectable items of my game have a small number saying, for exemple, how many bullets have a clip so I used 3d text. 3d text shader appear behind other objects so I choosed another one, the self illumin/diffuse with the main color white, the illumin texture being the “font texture” generated and it gave me a nice white text in a black square . Worked well but it returns an error message asking for the mesh normals (that 3d text doesnt have).

The question:

How to proceed?

1 - If I use a shader that doesnt needs normals just like Unlit I will have the text with one problem, it is black and I want white.

2 - Can I edit the “font Texture” generated by unity? how? If I could it would be possible to invert the color and use a particle shader.

3 - Any suggestion?!

Thanks in advance!!

The 3d text needs its specific material and texture to work properly.

The trick is to create a new material, select ‘GUI=> Text Shader’ and assign the actual font texture to it. This way you will be able to have as many different colors as you need for any font type.

The font texture can be edited, but for that you need to export and import, and it’s possibly not the best way to go.

You can use this shader to render the text. It will not be affected by light (since it doesn’t have normals), but will render nicely.