3d TextMesh Not Cast Shadow On Plane

Hello Mates,
i want to cast shadows of 3d Text on plane but it does not work in unity, As unity documentation says that 3d TextMesh can cast shadows but it does not working.

I’m afraid this is not possible with the standard 3D text provided by Unity. Neither does the asset TextMeshPro (which is great by the way).
I only see 2 solutions :

  • creating a special shader, if you know how to (I dont’)
  • or rendering your text as a 3D mesh with another program (3DSmax, Blender…) and import it as any “solid” mesh.

Maybe the asset Typogenic would be the solution :

Seems to be deprecated from the Asset Store, but can be downloaded on GitHub.

Not sure if it was or wasn’t possible at the time you asked this, but it is now easily possible. Import the TMP Examples and Extras. There will be a scene named 24 - Surface Shader Example.unity. In that scene you’ll find an example of 3D text casting a shadow on the floor.

To get that effect, you need a Material using the Distance Field (Surface) shader. Make sure that the MeshRenderer has Lighting->Cast Shadows turned On,