3D Water Drop / Elastic Ball

Hello, I am trying to add an “elastic” effect to a ball. Basically it’s a game where we rotate platforms in order to guide a water drop, does anybody know how can I achieve this?

Thanks in advance!


Not easy to do. Some potential solutions:

-Use the Interactive Cloth component to do cloth simulation on a sphere and add pressure on the cloth to inflate it. Probably an easy way to get a nice look and behavior, but not very stable (and the feature to inflate cloth will not be in Unity 5, as it has been removed in latest PhysX).

-Approximate the Ball using several spheres connected by spring joints, and generate a custom mesh to encapsulate them.

-Write your own physics, using raycasts do do collision detection from several points off the sphere surface (IIRC, GooBall, the first game made with Unity, which had similar physics did something like this).