Hi everyone,

I am very excited to announce that this is going to be the home of Premium BLUEPRINTS for existing and future 3DForge packages.

Premium BLUEPRINTS are new, easy to use, handcrafted prefabs that expands your collection of available scene building art assets.

It is a cool, exciting and productive way to expand creativity and help you save time and simultaneously get your hands on Custom Handcrafted designs straight from me, the asset developer. It will almost be like having me in your studio ;)

I will share thoughts, mini tutorials, with tips and tricks that will enrich your scene building experience and hopefully have us all learn some new things from each other. Come and be part of this by sharing your creative thoughts and provide constructive feedback.
Post requests and suggestions either here in this forum or you could email me direct at info@3dforge.co.za I try my best to accommodate everyone.

Bookmark and follow this thread to get all the latest news, screenshots and release information as it becomes available.

*** I have it here in the Work In Progress section for it will be growing and receive regular updates.

This will be updated over time so please ask questions in the thread to help expand the information.

What are Premium BLUEPRINTS ?
- They are easy, ready to use, out the box, handcrafted designs or recipes for new prefabs.

How are Premium BLUEPRINTS made ?
- They are created using existing prefabs from Unity Asset Store packages that you already to own.

How difficult are Premium BLUEPRINT to install and use ?
- Very easy. They are prefabs like any other prefab. Just drag and drop them into your scene.

What is included in a typical Premium BLUEPRINT package ?
- ONLY prefab data. No mesh of texture data is included.

What is NOT included in a Premium BLUEPRINT package ?
- The base package(s) that the prefabs obtain their mesh and texture data from.

What do I need to be able to use Premium BLUEPRINTS ?
- A BLUEPRINT package will have specific package requirements stated in the package description to let you know what art package(s) you would need installed first, to be able to use the BLUEPRINTS as prefabs.
- The Premium BLUEPRINTS grab Mesh and Texture data from these specified packages.
- You need to own the base package(s) as indicated on the Premium BLUEPRINT package product page description, decompressed and already installed in your project space.
- As example, you would need to own the latest Village Interiors Kit installed to have excess to an Adventure Bundle with a collection of Interior scenes.

Is there a way for users to first test this cool new thing risk free ?
- Yes, I have a FREE Premium BLUEPRINT package available right now, that have 46 X 5 STAR ratings and many very happy written reviews expressing the ease of use and happiness with the example.
- Please be sure to first have the Village Interiors Kit & Village Exteriors Kit installed.
- Then grab the FREE BP Sword & Shield Inn and test for yourself.

What will they cost ?
- These Premium BLUEPRINTS will be inexpensive, paid for packages mostly in the form of thematic Adventure or Quest Bundles.
- a collection of Interior scenes that you would need to flesh out from small to large quest/story events.
- a collection of a certain style of Exterior houses, shops, and other buildings for villages with included village layouts.
- a collection of Farm Homestead layouts to scatted along the countryside.
- a collection of Sewer layouts
- and much more ...

How can I help influence the packages that will become available ?
- Engage me here in this forum or email me at info@3dforge.co.za and share your ideas, they very likely can become part of a bundle.

Integration with other Asset Store packages ?
- Premium BLUEPRINT packages that for instance have Village Exteriors Kit contents would be integrated with other packages like Gaia, GeNa or other Procedural World products that with further enhance their usability.

There will be a:
- Dungeon Pack [Village Interiors Kit*](http://bit.ly/2dvkPho) required
- Adventure Pack [Village Interiors Kit*](http://bit.ly/2dvkPho) required * Mix of all you need for mini to larger adventures
- Outposts & Forts Pack [Village Exteriors Kit*](http://bit.ly/2dvm4NM) required
- Farmland Pack [Village Exteriors Kit*](http://bit.ly/2dvkPho) required
- Swamp & Fishing Village Pack [Village Interiors Kit*](http://bit.ly/2dvkPho) & Village Exteriors Kit
- Village Pack [Village Interiors Kit*](http://bit.ly/2dvkPho) & Village Exteriors Kit required *Houses, Shops, Town Halls, Church, including several Village layouts ...


*** The reserved posts below will be where the new released packages are announced.
I have done this so that these announcements does not get lost in the many pages of discussion that might follow.


Hi everyone,

I very am proud to announce the first Premium BLUEPRINT Farmlands1 is Available Now !!!

Farmlands 1
Exteriors Only & Interiors & Exteriors Combo versions both included
So if you only have the Village Exteriors Kit, you can still have full use of all those BLUEPRINTS that has Exteriors only
- 14 x Farmhouses
- 10 x Farm Yards
- 10 x Homesteads
- 2 x Farm Villages
- 4 x Windmills
- 17 x Barn Outbuildings

Homestead example

Farm Village Example

Farmyard Example

Showing that buildings also comes with Interiors

The Medieval Adventure 1 Premium BLUEPRINTS package is live

This package includes both Interiors & Exteriors
So you will need to have bot the Village Interiors Kit as well as the Village Exteriors Kits installed and in your project before opening these
- 1 x Auction House
- 2 x Blacksmiths
- 1 x Butchery
- 2 x Chapels
- 4 x Churches
- 4 x General Stores
- 1 X Hunting Lodge
- 2 x Inns (+ 2 Inns with Stables added)
- 1 x Jail House
- 2 x Magic Shops
- 10 x Market Stalls
- 5 x Markets
- 3 x Taverns (+ 3 Taverns with Stables added)

Here are screenshots from only some of the large list of included assets



Outpost & Trade Stations Premium BLUEPRINTS is LIVE !!!

This is a collection of handcrafted medieval Outposts and Trade Stations blueprint layouts.

BLUEPRINTS provides you with ready to use layouts that have been carefully crafted by logically adding assets that will have you end up with attractive points of interest that will look lived in and natural, adding to your project's level of professionalism.

The Village Exteriors Kit is required to open these blueprints.
*NO texture or mesh data included !!!

- 20 Outposts
- 11 Outpost Houses
- 12 Ramp Elements
- 12 Embankment Elements
- 4 Outpost Towers


Medieval Villages Premium BLUEPRINTS is LIVE !!!

This is a collection of handcrafted Medieval Villages, Village Houses, Village Blocks, Village Markets and Village Shop blueprint layouts.

BLUEPRINTS provides you with ready to use layouts that have been carefully crafted by logically adding assets in a manner that will have you end up with attractive points of interest that will look lived in and natural, adding to your project's level of professionalism.

The Village Exteriors Kit is required to open these blueprints.
*No texture or mesh data included !!!

- 13 Medieval Villages
- 12 Village Houses
- 21 Village Blocks
- 7 Medieval Shops
- 6 Village Markets
- Scene files for easy Gaia/GENA integration

Hey Everyone,

It is that time again ;)
Fish Villages Premium BLUEPRINTS is LIVE and right available now !!!

- 20 Fish Houses with Interiors & Exteriors
- 17 Fish Houses with Wooden Decks
- 32 Wooden Deck sets
- 12 Fish Markets
- 10 Fishing Villages

42 New FREE BONUS meshes & models:
- 11 Boat meshes & models
- 23 Fish Farm meshes & models
- 8 Fish Rack meshes & models

* If you do get it, please would you STAR rate and possibly review at your soonest convenience

Now for the next one ;):)
It already far and well advanced and not far from being done.

Medieval Adventure 1 Premium BLUEPRINTS
A collection of Non-House Village Buildings
- General Stores
- Magic Shops
- Butcheries
- Markets
- Inns & Taverns
- Churches
- Town Halls
- Small Keep
- Stables
- Jails

See you soon ;)


@S4G4N ,

Love this idea. Castles, whole castles, and on a bigger scale city and town walls with gates, bridges, portcullis etc. Merchant houses. More inns! Stables. Shops... The list is of course endless... :)


I wonder how long it'll be before some of the blueprints are nearly complete and there's a sudden realisation that some mesh pieces are missing and thus there's also an update needed to the parent asset pack as well? :face_with_spiral_eyes: :smile:


I know, I made a full sci-fi city using the medieval interior and medieval exterior packs, only to discover that all my pieces were missing.


HAHAHA, luckily you know me well enough to post this very good and valid question :wink:

@smada-luap & @Whippets , I have anticipated that I would get this question so I have a very good and welcome answer for the two of you :smile:

Lets first of all not label them as “missing”, but rather as “Parts that would also be great to have”
The Village Interiors Kit comes with 25 DEMO scenes. When I put them together I discovered many things that would be cool to also have. Now I am not going to go nuts and add more full sections with HUGE contents, but do see the potential for small contents additions along the way. It makes sense, since when you play with the assets more you will obviously come across new and fun usage cases that would warrant these kind of addition via contents updates.

So yes, these Premium BLUEPRINTS would understandably require you to always have the latest updated version of the packages that are required to use them as described in there respective pages when they get released.

Hope that answers the question


So.... what..... next week then? :hushed:


Now you pushing it :smile:


really cool idea, i love it.
top down, jails, graveyards, death valley, creepy dark villages, deserty(and dark) villages.
hmmmm in simpler terms, edgy dark stuff, i love these stuff :smile:
though, i am especially excited for mini tutorials, tips and tricks, and thoughts. super excited for these :)

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I'd like to see some blueprints related to dungeons and catacombs from the interiors kit. You could make a series of larger modular dungeon segments that all snap together. So a variety of rooms and corridors that can be used to quickly create a large dungeon or catacomb.

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Glad you like the idea, everyone that have used BLUEPRINTS and seen how easy they are to use, want more.

Some great thoughts, basically some small and larger dungeon parts that can then by adding several together make very large dungeons and undead catacombs. that is a great way to build even more very easily.

Thanks for the feedback


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@S4G4N ,

I think some larger scale stuff is a must, within which we can place other smaller blueprint and other prefabs...

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Will there be blueprints for the Sewer Kit as well?

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@milan8888 , Absolutely :slight_smile:

There will be Premium BLUEPRINTS for the Tile A Dungeon - Sewer Kit
There will be other future Tile A Dungeon themed packages as well.
The whole method of building Layout super-fast without having to drop 1000’s of tiles has been well received and everyone that have used it can agree and love it.

All packages that will receive Premium BLUEPRINTS will carry the logo on the package page on the Unity Asset Store



I enjoyed using the free blueprints and I am really looking forward to this release Cobus! :smile:


Can’t wait!!! These will be great additions.

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