3dplatform tutorial compiler errors out of box

Trying to learn unity… the platform tutorial seems like a great way, but…
I got as far as page 12, where you add Lerpz and press play. It says I need to fix compiler errors before entering play mode. So I tried reloading the scene and just hitting play from the get go. Same error.
As a total noob, I don’t even know where I can look to see what the compiler errors are.
Also, it wanted to upgrade the project before starting, so maybe this tutorial is for an older version of Unity?
Help me out!

Ok, I fixed this issue though I don’t know if it’s the right solution.

I found the “FadeoutLineOfSight” Script under Project Scripts/Camera/FadeoutLineOfSight opened it up, dropped down to line 125 and removed the “var” from in front of newMaterial.

It now plays and I haven’t witnessed any other issues as a result of the change.