3ds Max animation import


i am sorry to ask this again as here is many topics on fbx. But i went through all topics and i still couldnt resolve my issue with fbx.

I have model from 3ds max. It has some animations. It works in Max. When i import fbx back to 3ds max, it works. But i am not able to make it work in Unity ( i dont script it ) Just hit play and as far as i know the set animation should automaticly start to play, right ?
My model has two dummies which are used to animate the model ( i.e. no bones ). When i export it, i select model and both dummies. In fbx setup i check animation, i use fbx 2011( binary). In Unity i set in fbx scaling to 1 and set the animations to correct frames, with default setting. But when i hit play, nothing happens ( play automaticaly is checked ). Iam totaly lost what is happening as i dont know what else i should try or what am i missing. I tried to use bones instead dummies, it didnt work either.

Thanks for any help.


use a skinnedmesh in 3dsmax,and export in fbx2011 binary.In unity when u select our model,in the inspector just create our animation clip by set the keyframe start and keyframe end.