3ds max animation problems

hi to all.
i have a problems with animations created with 3ds max.
i created a model with a simple animation.
my model is a box. this box have this animation :
a face of box opens.
for do this animation i don’t use a bones but i rotate a face of box.
in 3ds max animation works great but when i export my model in fbx format and import it in unity, animation still works,but face that is animated is not at same place.
somebody can help me?
thanks a lot :wink:

You can only do skeletal animation in unity- so it needs a bone, and the bone needs to be animated. If you’re animating vertices then it will not work. If you’re set on using vertex animation, I think that a unity plugin called Megafiers will allow you to store morph targets that can be blended.

but i dont deform directly the mesh.
my cube is created using six object (every object is a face).
in my animation one of this face is rotated.
animation works but face (so an object) that is rotate is not in the same position in unity editor.

i solved. problem is of fbx exporter of 3ds max.
i open this model with maya an exported in fbx and all work great :wink: