3Ds Max, Blender, or Maya?

which should i get to use for unity 3? i need the one with the easiest UI to learn, and that will work well with unity. thanks!

Ill give you one:

Ok Ive worked with Maya and Blender only(pretty much with both of them) and I have seen 3d max in action.

For my personal experience I personally recommend you Blender.

First it is free, now a normal human being would think the most expensive is the best, in this case I think Blender Is an incredible 3D enviorement to start and you can achieve better results that you can imagine.

Maya is another great and pro tool but it is pretty expensive, beneath that Maya is one of the most used 3d tools for movies.

I think the same for 3d max.

So there it is, a simple answer I hope it helps.

Good Luck Drew.

Sorry to be a downer, but I think this should be said.

I started wanting to develop games when I was 13. I quickly found that I didn't know how to create anything so I downloaded a modeling app and started practicing. I'm now 27. I've worked in the games industry as a 3d artist for some time, and I consider myself just a "pretty good" artist.

Point being, if you're going to get into creating 3d art, go for it.. It's fun and very rewarding.. but it's not something that you're going to learn in a weekend as a hurdle to making games in unity.

I can’t draw an apple if my life was on the line, but I’m a pretty good coder(he said hesitantly) and I like making games. So if you’re like me you don’t have to learn to draw to make a game. You can hire someone to make all the models and animations for you or buy them from sites that sell models and animations. I know this doesn’t answer your question but i thought maybe if your like me it could help you out.

Use Maya for animations, 3dsMax for modeling, and Blender if your low on cash.

Be warned though, as hypnoslave said above, a steep learning curve is usually the case for 3D applications. Be prepared to get extremely frustrated, a lot. You'll get better though =)


I also recommend the BIG Blender ... Being free, it has many features coupled, such as image editor, animation, sculpting, rendering, his own game-engine (kk), in many other resources, besides being much smaller than its competitors.

The 3ds Max is also another good option because it is a professional tool and also have many resources, but is paid and very heavy.

Since Maya can not speak much because I'm starting to learn now, but also seems to be a great tool, maybe even better than the 3Ds Max


i will suggest 3ds max for modeling, and maya and other softwares for animation.
i started 3d modeling and game making 1 year ago, now i can use unity very easily for its easy to use UI and also thanx to the unity community. i first started with google sketchup, the most easiest modelling tool i ever used, 3ds max is also easy to use, but UI is hard to navigate(based on my opinion) a little.

as for blender i can not agree with others, it is free and quite powerful but the problem is it is hard to use, it’s UI is probably the most difficult i ever face. Like other softwares i dont like blender for its difficulty to learn, it uses most of hotkeys which is kinda hard to remember them all at first use.

I am a professional modeler. I have experience from 10 years to 24 years. Here is my opinion.

Always use blender for the beginning, 3ds max for medium and at last use maya for professional modelling.

You can do in blender everything you need: models, texturing, procedural materials and bake them into texture, rigs, animations, etc.
It’s free software for any usage, and it has a lot of free tutorials.
I’m using bledner also.