3ds max chariter texture and animation problem

Hello, i have a problem, i downloaded a free figure from turbo squid and i got 3 FBX files, a true vision image, a jpeg image, and a 3dsMAX scene file. when i open the scene file it opens and at the start it says it cannot find the textures, but i added them to the directory using the browse button. i tried oping the animation files "FBX" and it says windows does not recognize this problem. if anyone could help me find out how to get the textures and animations working and able to import them to my unity 3d file it would be greatly helpful the model i got: http://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-female-character-rigged-biped-3d-model/569039

Well, as far as I know, just drag and drop the FBX file in to Unity3D (To the hierarchy), then you can just drag and drop the image on to the model in the scene... Then it should work. FBX files have UV maps on them, so the texture should align right. Also, you might have to change the 3ds Max file to a mesh and not a poly, I've found that the polys do not always work. But it should work this way!

Any questions ask!